American racer Brad Loyet has headed home midway through the International Sprint Car Series after being stood down following a physical confrontation with a Kiwi driver on the weekend.

Loyet tangled with Jonathan Allard during Saturday night's New Zealand v USA series-opener at Vodafone Speedway Western Springs.

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Having already damaged his car and used up a big chunk of budget from previous crashes, Loyet was fired up after the contact with Allard.


The pair exchanged words and grabbed at each other in the infield and were made to front stewards as a result.

Loyet allegedly expressed his feelings about the stewards' findings in a less than professional manner and was subsequently stood down for 22 days, ruling him out for the rest of the series.

Promoter Greg Mosen told The Herald he felt Loyet was out of line.

"Brad had a fairly colourful start to his visit to New Zealand when he raced on November 25 where he destroyed his car twice," Mosen said.

"[He] tore up wings and made a bit of a mess of it and I don't think that was in the budget.

"He turned up on Saturday for round one and ended up having a slight bump with Jonathan Allard. I've seen it [video footage] three or four times and there was nothing in it but enough damage to stop both of them.

"They were pushed to the infield and they both got out and Brad confronted Allard and they swapped muffin recipes right in front of our VIPs, who were cheering.

"It was harmless and that should have been the end of it."


That wasn't the end of it, however, as the incident drew the ire of officials.

Loyet allegedly continued to speak aggressively at his hearing and was given a 22-day ban that effectively ended his visit to New Zealand.

"Part of the way we manage the sport is that the officials wanted to have a chat to everybody," Mosen said.

"Brad made it abundantly clear to all that he wasn't interested and that he was going home and that he had had enough of this place.

"So he has gone and won't be part of the Porter Hire International Sprint Car Series.

"We wish him all the best."

It isn't the first time the feisty American has been involved in a post-race altercation.

In 2013 he got into a fight after Johnny Herrera attacked him in the carpark after a race.

Loyet was unable to be reached for comment but it is understood he wanted to continue to race at Palmerston North on Tuesday night and Western Springs on Saturday before the ban.

"The lesson for everyone there is to leave it on the track, don't take it to the stewards because you might get stood down for 22 days," Mosen added.