Most of us today have very busy lives in our businesses.

So I like marketing tips that I can get quickly and put into action fast.

And in this week's column I'd like to suggest three marketing resources that allow you to do just that.

(Gain useful marketing tips without investing a lot of your valuable time.)


Marketing Resource #1 for busy people:

The first resource is available at no charge from a marketing legend called Gary Bencivenga.

Gary was widely regarded as the best copy writer in the world. He retired a while ago and left behind a treasure trove of 29 of his most valuable marketing lessons.

Here is a sneak preview of some of these lessons:
• The Secret of How to Sell Anything
• The "Golden Key" of Persuasion
• The One Word That Teaches Almost Everything
• The Most Important 9-Word Sentence in Marketing History
• A Simple 7-Step Formula for Succeeding Online
• How to Get Anything You Want in Life
• The Secret "Trigger Word" That Makes More of Your Prospects Say Yes Than Any Other Word in the English Language
• The Most Persuasive Tool in Advertising and How to Use It
• The Most Important Advertising Question

You can read and download all 29 lessons at this link.

I love these marketing lessons from Gary because you can read each one in around 10 minutes and put them into action fast.

Marketing Resource #2 for busy people:

This is a brand new marketing programme with a difference.

It was created by solo professional marketing expert

Michael Katz


I got a message about this programme a few days ago and I like what Michael is offering.

Michael has hit the nail on the head by identifying that most of us have too much information and not enough time.

So we invest in marketing books, webinars, courses and more. (But rarely put them into action.)

Michael's solution is brilliant. (In fact I wish I had thought of it myself.)

He's created a marketing programme that is a series of 45 marketing video lessons that are only 3 minutes long.

And each week you get to watch 3 of these marketing lessons.

There is no need to take notes or do any homework.

Just easily put what you watch into action in your own business.

Every week for 15 weeks you get 3 new marketing lessons.

You can enjoy each one in less than 5 minutes over a cup of coffee.

The programme starts this week so may like to check it out.

You can see full details at this link.

Best of all you'll get to watch two of the 3 minute marketing lessons at no charge.

My favourite sample video is the one on looking for things you can do in your business that are low cost from your end but have high value to your clients.

(And how you can make good money by focussing on this one area.)

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Marketing Resource #3 for busy people:

I'd like to also recommend many of my own marketing columns in the

New Zealand Herald


I did a count a few days ago and realised that there are now over 150 of my marketing columns online.

You can see all of these previous columns at this link.

Each marketing column is around two pages long and can be read in around 15 minutes.

There is a short action exercise in each column to help you put it into action.

I invite you to read the columns that look of interest and try any of the ideas that seem relevant for your own business. (I'm sure you will find something of value.)

The good news is that good marketing tips are everywhere.

And many of them are fast to learn and easy to put into action.

'Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.'
William J. Cameron

Action Exercise:

The real secret with good ideas in any field is put some of them into action.

What are two marketing tips that you will use this week in your own business?