Inscrutable cats really like you — I think

When cats sneer that doesn't necessarily mean they are disgusted with you. But there are other behaviours that may lead you to think your cat doesn't like you at all. That's because you're not thinking like a cat. Gizmodo asked various cat experts about how cats relate to humans. Vet Mikel Maria Delgado explains: "People seem really obsessed with projecting their own anxieties about their relationship with their cat onto the cats themselves. Maybe that's because they're comparing cats to dogs. Cats have fewer facial muscles than dogs, so they have fewer expressions that mimic human ones, whereas dogs have more facial expressions, and these expressions are closer to ours than cats' are. Cats present a more neutral palette for people, so when someone's encountering a cat it may not be obvious to them what the cat is feeling just from looking at them."

Horror — don't look around

During screenings of the 1959 thriller The Tingler — a film about a creature that gets inside a person's spine, causing them to feel a tingling — buzzers were placed in random seats that caused the audience to feel tingling during the film. The film starred Vincent Price who liked to find a theatre that was playing one of his films and slip in discreetly. He would choose a seat towards the back behind a few happy teen couples. At a convenient time he would lean forward, put his hand on their shoulders and in his best creepy voice ask, "Are you enjoying the film".

Photo / Supplied
Photo / Supplied

Truly fired up over Nike move

Phil Braun was so infuriated by Nike's adoption of Trump's nemesis, American footballer Colin Kaepernick, as its new poster boy that he decided to burn his Nike shoes. While still wearing them. He ended up in hospital with severe burns. One Twitter user replied: "Thank you for your support of our flag. Your actions honour everyone who died to protect your right to set your feet on fire." (Via: The Poke)

Gotcha grapefruit grabber

A reader writes: "To the middle-aged woman in Lycra, who I startled under our grapefruit tree, on the front lawn, at 6.30 Thursday morning in Pt Chevalier ... if you fancy some citrus for breakfast perhaps you could just ask? However, I have been giggling all day at the memory of your gotcha face, and how you scuttled away, scampering through the garden leaving your bewildered white poodle behind."