Getting rid of pigeons (and their poo)

1. "Solve your pigeon problem nature's way - get a couple of cats," writes Rosanne McKenzie. "Our inner city block of townhouses (unlike neighbouring blocks) never gets rats, mice or even cockroaches because they don't set up house where cats live."

2. "When we had blackbirds attacking their reflection in our windows, some Australian friends suggested hanging some CDs on string outside. Haven't had a problem since. Maybe they don't like the wobbly light reflected from them. A few in the tree might work?"

3. Ross Coyle suggests an ultrasonic bird frightener. "A trawl through the internet should find plenty of suppliers. They pitch a sound not able to be heard by humans but scare the birds," he says.

4. "We have a beach property up north and were having the same problems with paradise ducks pooing all over our paving," declares Diane. "We found some treated peas at PGG Wrightson which the birds eat but it doesn't kill them. Currently we are bird poo free.


5. "I solved the problem of poo by putting a large fake owl attached to my balcony, at night he has a small light inside ... if you look at boats they often have large bird attached somewhere to frighten off the seagulls."

Hey, I know that guy!

"Victor Hillman, who you featured in Sideswipe's Strange Name thread, is my Dad!" writes Deborah Hillman. "He's still alive and gets the Herald every day. I cut it out and put it on his noticeboard in his rest home room ... Years ago when he worked at Continental Cars the guys played a joke on him and got the radio DJ Kevin Black (Blackie) to make a prank call on him. It ended up on a Best of Blackie album as Dad clicked on to who it was and played along. Also, his middle name is William so his initials are VW!"

Throwing baby out with bathwater?

An odd sight spotted on a suburban berm in Auckland.
An odd sight spotted on a suburban berm in Auckland.

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