Health and Safety gone mad

"It is getting to the point of ridiculousness," writes an exasperated Phil.

"At a recent parent teacher evening the school had tea, coffee and biscuits available for waiting parents, with instructions that the tea and coffee is only permitted in cups half full in case we spill it on ourselves — a health and safety issue apparently. An electrician with 30 years experience now requires a permit to go up a ladder.

"The toasters at work were removed for fear of someone putting a knife in them and electrocuting themselves — the explanation was that it was not a secure area and a member of the public could get in. Cake stalls for fundraising at school were banned unless Mum's kitchen had been certified.

"We are at the stage where grown adults cannot operate a toaster, drink tea or coffee from a full cup or choose to eat some home baking without the fear of some government official threatening us with prosecution!"


Old news


A heatwave in the UK in 1976 saw the appointment of a Minister for Droughts. Days later there was heavy rainfall and he became the Minister for Floods. A couple of years later the same politician became Minister for Snow.

2. In 2016 a "grotesque face jug" created in a high school art class in the 1970s was mistakenly appraised by an Antiques Roadshow expert as being worth $50,000. The show's appraiser said it appeared to be influenced by Spanish sculptor Pablo Picasso.

New superhero

How the Crunchie bar is made

The honeycomb toffee is produced in large slabs and is cut up using a highly focused jet of oil. You can't use a blade because that would mean bits would break and water would dissolve the honeycomb toffee. Oil is the only thing that works and gives such uniform sharp-edged portions. The honeycomb toffee is then covered with chocolate, cooled, and packaged.

Quick links

1. "I don't normally post political tweets," writes Paul… "But this is surely something that we can all get behind."

2. A British teenager flew from Essex to Sheffield via Berlin instead of taking the train, because the 1017 mile flight was cheaper than the train ride.

3. There is a mutation that causes bones to become 8 times denser than normal that allow people to walk away from car accidents without a single fracture but with a trade off of being unable to swim…

Video Pick

Oceanographers were watching the bottom of the ocean from the vantage point of the Windows to the Deep 2018 expedition when they see a benthic fish in a hole, waiting for something to come along that he can eat…

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