I thought you might find this picture rather the definition of irony. A tow truck parking in the handicapped space at Thomas Bloodworth park a few weeks ago. There were plenty of other spaces available, but for some reason this is the park he really wanted.

What do you secretly judge people for?

1. Vaguebooking. My friend's aunt is pushing 50 and she'll still post stupid stuff like "people who pretend to be your friend but talk s**t behind your back aren't really friends! If you think I'm talking about you, I probably am!" For real? You're a grown woman. Enough with this passive-aggressive rubbish. (Also a middle-aged dude who's giving the camera the middle finger in his profile picture and lists his education institution as the "School of Hard Knocks".)

2. When people try to top your story every time. No matter what you say they have an experience which is the same or more intense and you practically can't finish your story without them interrupting you with theirs.

3. People who talk down to their partner, or bring up their flaws in front of others. It's always in the guise of "it's a joke!" But even the mildest joke at their expense sends them into fits of rage.


4. When people eat fast food and leave all their rubbish at the table because, they insist, "that's their job, not mine".

5. People who use their phone while someone's trying to converse with them.

6. People trying to converse with people while they are doing something on my phone.

7. People who do not return the shopping cart to the cart corral.

8. Walking slowly down the middle of a narrow footpath. Or worse, when walking with a group, failing to switch to single file to allow someone oncoming to go past. Such a lack of awareness of other people.

9. Unable to try different cuisines, just overall avoids trying new food in general. (I know a woman who boasts of never having eaten rice, because it's "foreign". She's a middle-aged, otherwise lovely, wife and mother.)

10. Not queueing properly. (Am British.) I like that Queue is just a Q, followed by several silent letters ... Those letters aren't silent; they are waiting their turn.

(Source: Reddit)

"We were driving in miserable weather up a hill through Glenfield and noticed the plates of the two cars in front of us," writes BLAH. "The Honda's read 'IGVE UP' and the Ford's (which was passing) read 'EZASM8' with a little 'it's' above."