Yesterday Sideswipe published a postcard for Nana Pat, from her granddaughter, thanking her for coming to her wedding and saying how much it meant that she was there. But it was delivered to Jim's address, who had no luck finding Nana Pat, so sent it to Sideswipe. The next day, this: "I know Nana Pat!" writes Francesca. "She is my nana and I sent her that postcard. My brother found the Sideswipe [article] and my family found it hilarious ... Nana will actually love that this has happened and to finally get the postcard!" Francesca's email was forwarded to Jim and he emailed saying: "Pat's phone hasn't stopped ringing. We have received visits from Pat and her sister, and also received a gift in appreciation. Great going, leaves us all with a feel-good feeling."

Car wash with window down

That time Jeanette Waters of Half Moon Bay drove into the car wash and forgot to put her window up. "The dashboard looks startled and I looked like I had been in a snow storm. I now don't have to wonder if there really is someone foolish enough to leave the window down."

What's really ailing that festive killjoy

A few reputable medical journals once took a break from their serious work and diagnosed the "ailments" of fictional characters, including the Christmas Grinch. Here's their diagnosis of that spoilsport:

Medical issues: "Insomnia, loss of appetite, and irritability, which seemed to worsen during the winter season."


Physician's notes: The Grinch was determined to be suffering from microcardia (his heart was two sizes too small).

Diagnosis: Addison's disease, which causes weight loss and abnormal skin pigmentation (the Grinch is green), and congestive heart failure, which explains the organ's shrunken size. "The patient was treated with daily cortisol and aldosterone replacement therapy and significant improvement in both symptoms and appearance were noted."

Also: "An absence of external genitalia was noted, but not discussed." (Canadian Medical Association Journal, December 2001)

The fast walkers of Matakana

Christmas stag massacre

This guy like to personalise his Christmas cards...Grandma is not amused!
This guy like to personalise his Christmas cards...Grandma is not amused!

Video Pick

The most enlightening Christmas carols you'll hear all year…

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