First it was cauliflower, now the humble pumpkin. "Surely the country's most expensive pumpkins?" writes a reader. "At our local veggie shop ... in Pukekohe, where we grow the things!"

You're fired!

1. "I was managing a coffee shop at the time and was in the office doing payroll, and ordering. I got a call from my boss on my cell phone asking why he kept getting a busy signal when he called our location. I went down to the shop and there's a line of customers out the door with my one employee completely ignoring them and chatting away on the phone. I chastise her and get to work making drinks, I ended up comp-ing a good handful of them and giving 50 per cent off the rest. Once it had slowed down one of my favourite regulars came to me and said that my employee had been on the phone the whole time as the line built up, talking explicit details about her sexual techniques. Her excuse was that 'that b**** shouldn't have been eavesdropping on me'. I fired her that day."

2."Girl dropped bowl of cucumbers all over floor. Manager picked up cucumbers, placed back in bowl, sprayed with sanitiser, put cucumbers out in bin for customers."

Mums told: Avoid just about everything

Health tips from ancient doctors. If you're pregnant stay away from hammocks. A Sanskrit medical text written sometime around 600 BC warns pregnant women to avoid lest those activities cause the foetus to prematurely detach from the uterus. "Sexual intercourse during pregnancy, riding on horseback, or a long walk, a false step, a fall, pressure on the womb, running, a blow, sitting or lying down on an uneven ground, or in an uneven posture, fasting ... swinging in a swing or hammock, indigestion, and use of medicines which induce the labour pain ... "


(Source: Mental Floss)

Get a grip NZ, we speak Te Reo

TV3 presenter Kanoa Lloyd has a go at those who are still banging on in our media about "Maori snowflakes" and the farcical Treaty of Waitangi...

The best Christmas paper in the world....

Video pick…

Sound effects add another level to this US Army Honor Guard Rifle Inspection clip…

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