It's better than Dunkin

A man has renamed himself after his favourite brand of tea. Nathan Garner, 31, is now known as Nathan Yorkshire Tea Gardner. He changed his name by deed poll. The Mirror reports the brew fan hails from Sheffield in Yorkshire and he drinks at least 15 cups a day, including two cups before he's even brushed his teeth. He said: "I was at work one day and my mate Billy said, 'chuffin' hell, you drink so much of the stuff you should change your name to Yorkshire Tea'." I thought it was a great idea, so at lunch I got out my phone and went on to the website and got rid of Derek" - his middle name.

Is that at tooth hurty?

A reader from Westmere: "An email from my dentist reminds me of an appointment and asks me to 'reply to confirm this time as it has been set aside exclusively for you'. That's kind of what an appointment with a dentist is, isn't it - a time set aside exclusively for the person who makes it? It seems to me a subtle kind of shaming is at work: the implication is that my claiming 'exclusive' time is somehow an impertinence."

Strange job interviews

"Guy applied for a warehouse/delivery position," writes a reader. "Had emailed back and forth with a few questions before the interview, and it sounded promising. He comes in, sits down and says, 'so, what is this position? Delivery? Oh, I can't lift anything. Also, I lost my driver's licence a few months ago. I guess we're done here.' And then just got up and left. No thank you or goodbye, just got up and left. It was the shortest, most bizarre interview I've ever done."

Rubbish removal earner :
Rubbish removal earner : "I saw this on Trade Me today, not sure whether it's cheeky or genius," writes a reader. "It would usually cost around $100 for waste management to collect the filled bin."

Alien celebrant

Quick Links

1.Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."


2.Late for the train.

3."By following this one simple rule, you too can interact with women as people. It's as clear cut as this: Treat all women like you would treat Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...this is a visualisation exercise that will work wonders in your dealings with the women in your workplace. When a woman approaches you, just replace her in your mind with The Rock. Then, behave accordingly..."

Video Pick

Italian man Silvio Sabba has set the new Guinness World Record (GWR) for putting on the most pair of underwear in 30 seconds. It's thirteen, but interestingly the previous record was also held by Sabba and he's only broke it by one pair of gruts...

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