The Chucky bath bomb, made by Loquita Bath and Body, is based on the demonic character in the Child's Play horror film series of the 80s and 90s. The business owner explains: "I was thoroughly mesmerised by these bath and body companies catering to the 'goth' style and as much as I love the dark or obscure I didn't feel like it screamed 'ME!' So, I decided to create bombs that were nostalgic and that I could identify with."

Must be over on Maim Street

The Suffolk County Council has decided to get rid of the road signs that warned motorists, "Cats Eyes Removed". Too many people, especially tourists, thought the signs were warning of the imminent blinding of felines, instead of referring to the reflective road markers. The new signs will read, "Caution - Road Studs Removed". (Source:

Re-name that politician

We've had "Rogernomics", "Ruthanasia", "Piggy Muldoon", "Helengrad", so no surprises that "the Jacinda effect" and "Jacindarella" have caught on, but what other headline groaners have captured the imagination of a nation? "Paula Benefit" (also, "Pullya Benefit"), "Double Dipper from Dipton", "Crusher Collins" (now "Blocker Collins" due to her lack of vim for crushing more than the one car and her subsequent penchant for blocking people on Twitter). Blogs on the right have coined "Taxcinda", which is a vast improvement on "Angry Andrew", which failed to take hold, probably because the man is hardly a scathing ball of fury. They should've gone with, "the Little effect". "Ardernageddon" is a bit of a mouthful, "Billshit" (said with a cough to cover the expletive) ... some "Winsteria" could be whipped up in the rest homes before election day and there must be something pithy in development for Gareth Morgan (although pigs and politics haven't made good bedfellows in the past) with or without lipstick.

Where are you now?

"I did hear that at the height of Colin Meads' brilliant rugby career, a couple named their newborn son 'Pinetree'," recalls Susan. "I wonder where this man is today?"


Give up, please

Time reports:"The Foo Fighters, who were headlining Tokyo's Summer Sonic festival, brought a meme to life on Sunday when they invited 80's pop icon Rick Astley onstage to sing a grunge version of his "Never Gonna Give You Up." Watch here.

Small protest against big business

Indy coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder, apparently.
Indy coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder, apparently.

Indy coffee shop uses a Starbucks mug for its toilet brush holder

Giant horse organ

Picture of fully inflated horse lungs (How does one inflate horse lungs outside of the horse? With an air compressor)

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