Truck drivers pleased to see a dedicated cycle path open in Auckland (via @Rblundell on Twitter).

Top parents take charge

Britain's Telegraph ran a headline about Rona Fairhead, who was appointed BBC Trust chairwoman, saying "Mother of three poised to lead the BBC". The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri amended other articles in the paper using the same style. "Father of Two Outlines Seven-Point Plan For Ukraine Ceasefire," she writes. "Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, a prominent father of two, listed seven steps on Wednesday that he said were necessary for a ceasefire in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Mr Putin said he and Petro O. Poroshenko, a father of four from Ukraine, had a similar understanding about what was needed, and this busy dad urged Ukraine and the pro-Russian separatist parents and non-parents in the east to reach a settlement at talks scheduled for Friday in Belarus, giving them time to arrange for a sitter."

Carpark charges


A reader writes: "I can sympathise with the correspondent who was overcharged in a carpark. But council carparks are much preferred to those run by Wilson Parking. A couple of days ago I was forced to go into the Wilson carpark in Kitchener St. Running late for an appointment and not comprehending the charge of $6.50 per half hour, I was stunned to receive a charge of $45.50 for 3 hours What a rip-off. I was so exasperated I forgot to get the receipt and probably will not be able to claim back from my employer."

Therein lies doubt

Margin of error: 99.9%: (Via Bad Newspaper).

School outing's recipe for disaster

A reader writes: "As a 15-year-old St Cuths girl in the 90s I recall a few of us girls going out to dinner with our coach, who happily bought my friends and I alcohol (hard spirits) from the liquor store when requested. An hour or so later we found the coach chasing one of my friends across a busy road in Mission Bay in her boxer shorts after she had drunkenly attempted to 'swim to Rangitoto'. The school never found out about that one ... "

Dog getting in on the Act.

This dog obviously has strong views on candidates, says Derek who snapped this in Kingsland.

News-ish: I don't know why you'd send out cards to tell everyone what sex your unborn child is, but this seems fairly ghastly, which ever way you look at it...

Picture this: A night in this place would be nerve-wracking for the neurotic and a real thrill for the brave. This holiday house literally hangs off the cliff on the southwest coast of Australia...


Video: Are you hungry or aroused?

Picture this: Tsar Nicholas II horsing around with his cousins Prince Nicolaos of Greece and Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich at Schloss Wolfsgarten, 1899...

Video: In this New Zealand made clip from last year an Arapawa ram takes down a drone...

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