Never too old for a ride-on. Spotted in The Warehouse.

New Yorkers flush out the hangover

Anyone who's ever had a hangover can probably admit they'll try just about anything to minimise the anguish. Now, thanks to The "IV Doctor", a service started in December by a New York urologist, the degree of suffering may be at least marginally reduced - for a price. Ailing party goers can for $249 have a nurse come to their homes or offices and administer 200ml of fluid by IV, plus a cocktail of drugs to combat nausea (Zofran), heartburn (Pepcid), and headache/inflammation (Toradol). That particular package, called "Revive", is the most popular, and recommended for those on their "deathbed". "Look, it's not a miracle cure ... but if you go in feeling like a 2, you come out a half-hour later feeling like a 7, that's a game changer," one repeat customer tells CNN Money.

Dumb questions from buyers


A reader writes: "So there are five photos of our beige sofa on Trade Me we're selling. People have asked stupid questions about what we were selling in the past. But this takes the biscuit: 'What colour is the sofa?'" So anyone else got a stupid question asked about a Trade Me listing?

Strange case of the pork-chop shoes

Back in 1997, Ross Lucock won a meat tray during a pub raffle in Sydney. Informed that he needed to be wearing shoes in the pub, he strapped the meat (pork chops) to his feet and paraded around the pub, leading to the inevitable accident in which another pub patron slipped on the trail of pork slime and broke his arm. The guy with the broken arm then sued the pub, arguing it had breached its duty of care by its "failure to remove [Mr Lucock] ... in the knowledge that he was inebriated and was clad with pork chops strapped to his feet". He was awarded $750,000 in damages. (Source: Weird Universe)

Grammar police on duty in Wales

Offered with no comment.

Snapped in Savusavu, Fiji, by Janine.

Science: I never knew about upward lightning...

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Picture this: Literary graffiti...

Video: Nifty street performance. Wait for it...

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