Notice in a carpark in India. Spotted by Sarita Shivani.

Costly crashes

An elderly driver in Germany damaged 11 cars while trying to leave a multi-storey carpark, it's been reported. The 86-year-old driver first backed into two parked cars while reversing out of her parking spot, but apparently panicked and then accelerated forwards quickly, pushing more cars into each other. She then collided with several other vehicles while driving through the rows of parked cars, before coming to a standstill. Altogether, the series of incidents has reportedly racked up about 60,000 ($95,000) of damage. Removing the damaged cars caused gridlock outside the carpark because the tow trucks were unable to get into the carpark. They were too tall.

Dogs sort out candidates


A Scottish university is bringing in dogs to help interview potential students to see if they get on with the animals and are suitable for a veterinary nursing course. Edinburgh Napier University's Dr Mary Fraser said: "We get more than 400 applicants for our vet nursing course ... and only have 30 places, so it's really important we select those students who are right." The dogs, a labrador and terrier, are brought in and left to roam the room while applicants are quizzed by human lecturers about their qualifications and work experience. Dr Fraser says if candidates don't cope with a friendly puppy they are unlikely to get on well with a snarling 60kg dog. (Source:

Grammar above all else. Source: Pointless letters.

Sue spotted these signs at a boating club. She says the guys leave with their egos inflated.