A Black and Decker - "Best whipped cream ever!"

Cloudy with a chance of litigation

Have you ever relied on a weather forecast and incurred injury because of a mistaken prediction? That happened to an Israeli women who sued a local TV station for broadcasting a wrong weather forecast. The woman claimed that because of the station's forecast, she went out in a light dress only to discover the prediction was off the mark. She caught flu, had a week off work, incurred expenses for her medication, and got stressed in the process. She claimed $1000 worth of damages and, surprisingly, won. (Source: the10mostknown.com)

Principal fired over stamping policy


An elementary school principal says she was fired for fighting against a policy requiring kids to get their hands stamped if they don't have enough money in their lunch account. Roni says that higher-ups at the charter school became angry with her when she demanded that cafeteria workers stop stamping the hands of children who did not have enough money in their account to pay for lunch. Although the charter school is allowed to set its own policies, other schools in the Denver area notify parents when students do not have money for lunch, rather than stamping their hands, according to Colorado news outlet the Daily Camera. Roni reportedly was told that some children were too embarrassed to go through the lunch line because of the practice. "The kids are humiliated. They're branded," Roni told CBS Denver. "It's disrespectful. Where's the human compassion? And these are little children."

Lions' barbecue box mystery solved

"Reading Sideswipe on Friday, we roared (no pun intended) with laughter," writes Christine Frayling of Glendowie. "The box in the photo with the lions is actually ours. We got a new barbecue courtesy of Hellers NZ and Weber NZ via their Facebook page - Barbecue tips for the summer. My husband is a volunteer at Auckland Zoo. We hope the lions make short work of the box and don't leave any crumbs!"

But which organ?

Real Estate:

in central London? What's the catch?

Video: Mike and Trina are both addicted to coffee enemas.

Picture this #1: It's not often our PM takes a bad photo...or is it we just don't get to see them?


Picture this: Sunday afternoon in Queen St Doug was reminded of the French revolution...

Video: The Norwegian Association for the Blind shows how other animals might work (as an alternative to dogs) at helping people with visual impairments.

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