Doggy driver spotted on the Southern motorway by David Kerr.

Daughter's dial-up speed lament brings on one of Dad's lectures

"I'm seriously considering a technology ban in our house," writes Mike. "After going over our monthly limit and being reduced to dial-up speed, my 12-year-old daughter said to me yesterday: 'Dad, I just can't live like this', which brought on the count-your-blessings speech, followed by the confiscation-threat speech. I'm really looking forward to our camping in January with no power."

A special thank you to White Cross Christmas angel


Christmas spirit: "I was at the White Cross in Glenfield on Tuesday with my two under-fives who were driving me mad," writes Ruth Porter. "A wonderful lady came in, sat down with my 4-year-old son and started talking to him. She had some fabulous new Usborne books which she showed him. She then gave them all to my kids. I was stunned at her generosity. As we were the next people called and by the end of the consultation I was more focused on explaining to my 4-year-old why it wasn't good practice to lick the walls of medical centres, I wasn't able to truly thank her for keeping one of my kids occupied and for the books so ... thank you and Merry Christmas!"

Bathroom with a view

Britain's 26th annual Loo of the Year Awards - dubbed the Toilet Oscars - is about to begin. Since its inception in 1987 and promoted by the British Toilet Association, the competition aims to promote the highest standards in public lavatories. This year's contest features 60 different categories, including an award for the best eco-friendly loo, school toilet and shopping centre washroom. Nominees include the Golspie Primary School toilets in Sunderland, complete with fish-themed mural, and the colourful loos of The Cribbar pub in Newquay. (Source: Telegraph)

Video: Truck drifts effortlessly into shed...

Diversion: Find The Invisible Cow is a game like those childhood games of HOTTER COLDER the shouting gets louder when you get close to the invisible cow. The aim of the game is to click the invisible cow when you think you've found it.

Picture this: Your Wrong - The magazine for pedants...

Local: All the politician's tweets in one place. A nice idea leading up to next year's election...

Video: What is that boat blathering on about?

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