Mark writes: "Spotted in SkyCity car park in Auckland. Not only a tacky coloured Rolls-Royce, but the taking of three car park spots, plus the personalised plate MONEY1."

AA's dodgy eye tests
A reader visited the Automobile Association to renew his driver licence and had to get his eyes tested. "The test involves staring into a [foggy?] tube and reading out tiny letters," he explains. "Having had no optical issues before, I was shocked to find that I failed the test. Go to a specialist, they said, who will decide whether you can see well enough to get your licence. The optometrist said that I had 20/20 vision, and couldn't understand why I hadn't passed with flying colours. When I got back to the AA I triumphantly showed them my certificate from the optometrist and asked why I failed? The staff were defensive and didn't seem to think it really mattered. After more prodding, one of them blurted out that the machines were not able to test everyone properly, so there would always be a certain number of false fails. The blame was with NZTA, they said, who provide the equipment."

Mum's outburst backfires
A reader writes: "As a mum of young twins I am very passionate about correct use of parental parks as only a person who has carried two wriggling 13kg toddlers across a busy car park can appreciate. On one occasion when all of the parental parks were in use (by very unfamily-esque vehicles) and I had to lug my two several hundred metres, there was a station wagon, which I watched an adult and a teenager vacate. After stomping up to the driver and saying in a snarky manner "Funny looking baby you have!!" I then noticed he did indeed have baby in the back ... and yes, it was a bit odd looking."

Dangers in our midst
Graham writes: "Like your recent correspondent I was in a toy department and was shocked at some of the children's games on offer. One was obviously designed to teach the evils of capitalism, with the buying of houses, railway stations, and utility companies a prime objective in order to set exorbitant rents and monopolise the game. But worse was to come. Another game had players either swallowed by snakes, or forced to climb ladders without any sign or mention of safety harnesses. What are we teaching our children?"


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