Jess saw these shoes in Country Road, Queen St. "I'll pay in Australian dollars, thanks!" she says.

Can't fault the logic ...

Kane has started a delightful blog about his daily battle of wits with his 4-year-old daughter Holly ...

H: Dad when was the last time you cried?
K: About 11 years ago when Alex was born.
H: No, I mean because you were sad.
K: Probably at a funeral. Do you know what a funeral is?
H: No.
K: When somebody dies, all their friends get together, feel sad and tell stories about them. And remember how cool they were.
H: What about all the mean people? Do they just sit there and clap and be happy?


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Hardly level ground, the Olympics

A reader writes: "Preferring to think of myself as the voice of reason rather than a spoilsport, I was just wondering, of the 200 countries at the Olympics, how many actually have a velodrome? How many Olympic-sized swimming pools does, say, the UK have compared to Australia? How many African nations had an equestrian or sailing representative? Maybe we need to consider these things before we start going on about topping the 'per head of population' medals table. There's a lot more to winning medals than population!"

Strange world:
1. Adriana Villareal of Dos de Mayo, Argentina, lost her husband two years ago but makes it a point to visit his tomb about four times a year, and not just briefly. Villareal brings bedding, an internet connection, and a small stove so she can stay three or four days at each visit. "When you love someone, you do all sorts of things," she said. (Source: News of the Weird)
2. At the recent Treasures from the Hollywood Vaults movie memorabilia auction, the costumed headpiece of Chewbacca, which was used in the original Star Wars trilogy, sold for $172,000. It had been estimated to sell between $60,000 to $80,000.

3. Vermont farmer Roger Pion was so angry at the local police for his recent arrest on marijuana possession and resisting arrest that he drove his tractor to the Orleans County sheriff's offices and crushed seven of the department's police vehicles. Deputies could not chase Pion down as they had no vehicles left.