Psy the Korean rapper is horse-dancing his way to the most-viewed YouTube video of all time, but Justin Bieber fans are trying to delay the inevitable as long as they can. Bieber's Baby has held the title for much of the past two years. Psy created perhaps the year's biggest web phenomenon with his Gangnam Style video, which stands around 7.3 million views behind Bieber, but gaining fast. However, Beliebers took to Twitter to get the word out and urge other Bieber lovers to do what they could to get the teen pop star to a billion Baby views and hold off his rival as long as possible. Some are playing Baby in dozens of browser tabs at the same time to defeat Psy. (Source: Daily

Nearly sunk by lack of cornering skills

Peter Christoffersen of Mairangi Bay writes: "I used to live in Makotuku [north of Dannevirke]. We had a small dairy farm on the dead straight metal road just 3km north of the small school. Santa gave me a bike just before I turned 6 so I didn't have to walk to school. My prudent parents had bought a bike a few sizes too big so my seat was a towel wrapped around the bar. I practised riding my bike all the Christmas holidays up and down our long lawn. When the holidays ended, I rode the dusty metal road and after 3km arrived outside the school to cheers from the little kids gathered at the front gate, which was on a side street joining my street. Alas, I had not practised cornering and in spite of intense concentration could only manage half the turn that found me skittering through the loose metal towards a large pond on the other side. As bike and rider careered down the bank towards the startled frogs, I managed to fling my arms to the roadside, grabbing armfuls of long grass and - with my legs tangled around the bike frame - dangled in a semi state of hysteria just above the watery murk. Farming kids are no strangers to peculiar accidents and so without hesitation all raced across the road to my plaintive 'Helps' - and with lots of small hands managed my embarrassing extrication."

Prejudice no joke


Silke watched a video posted in Sideswipe about a French woman on a bus in Melbourne on the receiving end of racist abuse for singing a song in her own language and said "it made the hair on my skin stand up in memory of people treating me just like that last weekend - here in Parnell. Some middle-class macho guys from Tauranga hurled abuse at me for having a German accent, when I was taking care of door and ticketing at a concert. Some people will pull out the Nazi card with a wink, as a joke, and while I will still suffer collective guilt - something known to many young Germans - I'll still know it's an awkward joke. Those guys from Tauranga weren't joking and got so aggressive towards me that I spent the rest of the night anxious and in a panic. Now I'm just some lower-class white chick with an education ... I can't even imagine what it would be like for more obvious targets, ie different skin colours and fat people. Being anti-fat people is the newest prejudice."

Two things to see: Shark socks and cucumber Killer Whale.

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Picture this: Have you ever tried to re-create that cute-as-pie pose you saw in a magazine/on Pinterest with your own kids?

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