Tony Waring of Mt Albert writes: "The Metro Softball Club in Mt Albert decided to spend Labour weekend rolling the grass at Phyllis Reserve. Unfortunately, their motorway-strength roller hit a soft spot on the land that was once a rubbish tip, and sank half a metre."

Bit of a rugby Blue

National MP Jackie Blue has "congratulations All Blacks!" plastered over her campaign billboards in Mt Roskill, observes Janet. "Is the NZRU going to do anything about this use of their jealously guarded trademark for advertising purposes?" she asks. "And if not, why not, given they've gone after others for lesser infringements?"

We're a down-to-earth country


A reader writes: "You know you are in New Zealand when ... TV coverage of the biggest sporting event staged here cuts to commercials for New World advertising $1 off sliced bread, and Bunnings promoting $2 off slug pellets."

Preschooler left to lunch alone

A reader writes: "We were at the Garrison Bar in Mt Wellington having lunch before the World Cup final. My wife noticed the cutest 3- or 4-year-old boy sitting at the table next to us eating his lunch on his own. His mother and grandmother had both gone outside to have a smoke. He was clearly used to it."

Critic zeroes in on airport"Despite Russell's praise for many facets of Auckland Airport, it rates zero because of its almost total disregard of those with mobility challenges," says Dr Hylton LeGrice. "Unlike most modern airports, where multiple travelators and hundreds of small hand-carts are available in the international areas to and from aircraft gates, the twin-level main concourse at Auckland Airport doesn't have these - except for a small travelator at the end of the arrivals hall. This despite eight years of pleading to take into account the one in 11 people (more than 500 a day in the main concourse) who have mobility challenges. That so many millions have been spent on adjacent commercial areas and the mobility-challenged disregarded for so long is a civic disgrace."

Rugby players for sale

Benneydale, the King Country town that got right behind the World Cup by putting up in its main street placards of players from all 20 teams, is selling them on Trade Me. The auction, which will benefit the local school and community hall, closes this Sunday. Listing No 417087083. (Go to "Seller's Other Listings" for other teams.)