High Court hearing awaited in case of man on rape and drugs charges.

The father of a teenage girl, allegedly plied with drugs then repeatedly raped by a former businessman, is demanding the high-profile man be named.

The girl is one of three who were allegedly given drugs to make them have sex with clients and with the man himself.

He was denied name suppression at the Auckland District Court in March last year but has taken an appeal against the decision to the High Court. No date has been set for the appeal and in the meantime his identity is protected.

Police opposed name suppression because they believed further alleged victims could come forward.


The man faces 21 charges, including breaching the Prostitution Reform Act, supplying the drugs methamphetamine and GHB, as well as sexual violation by rape, indecent assault and possessing a pistol. His lawyer, Mark Ryan, told the court the man should be given name suppression because naming his client could identify the girls.

But the father of one of the girls told the Herald on Sunday the continued concealment was "bullshit". He was angry the appeal had not been heard and rejected.

"Name suppression is absolutely ridiculous. Naming him will in no way identify my daughter. There may be other victims out there who might see his name and have the courage to come forward when they know other victims are being listened to," he said.

His daughter was 15 at the time of the alleged offending.

The accused man is charged with compelling the girl to provide commercial sexual services to any person, supplying her GHB and methamphetamine and raping her between August 1 and 31, 2011.

The father said his daughter had been on drugs since she was 12 and had been increasingly playing truant and going missing from home. He only became aware of the extent of her meth addiction last year.

"I am concerned for my daughter's safety. In the last year she has been trying really hard and doing well at school. She has been through hell. She has been to trauma counselling and she was doing really well but she has been going missing again lately and I fear she is back on drugs," he said.

"It will impact [on] her for the rest of her life. The damage this drug has done - it is evil."

He regretted not monitoring her peer group and her social media use more closely, in the hope he could have done something to help her sooner.

"My daughter is a beautiful girl, with such a sweet heart. She was loved by her teachers and she has good brains to do something with her life. It's devastating. When she was born all I wanted was to be a good father," he said. "Now I feel like a failure."

He was concerned the man was on bail and believed the public would be better protected if his name was published.

The accused man was granted bail on December 21, despite having been initially declined bail by Judge David Wilson. The judge said the man's DNA was found on one of the victims and another victim tested positive to the drug GHB.

"Police also rely on phone data - particularly text messages between yourself and the co-accused regarding young girls and using drugs on them."

Judge Wilson said the complainants were vulnerable because of their reliance on drugs.

"And they're vulnerable because you exploited them for sexual favours."

He said there was a risk that the accused could offend while out on bail.

His inner-city apartment was raided by armed police and members of the police child exploitation team in February last year.

His co-accused, who is 17, has also been given name suppression. According to police charge sheets, the teen helped the man to stupefy a woman and helped him to compel a woman into giving sex for drugs.

Ryan said his client had applied for some of the charges to be heard separately. If that was granted name suppression would be necessary for the man to have a fair trial.