The potential departure of Larry Ellison's Oracle from the America's Cup would not be a big loss, according to sailing commentator Peter Lester.

Ellison is reportedly unlikely to take part in the 2021 event in Auckland, following Oracle losing to Team New Zealand in this year's edition.

In an email to leading US sailing journalist Bob Fisher, former Oracle syndicate leader Kiwi Sir Russell Coutts said: "My understanding is that Oracle/Larry will not be entering."

Lester believes that if Ellison decides not to enter, the event could even be enhanced.


"If you look at the history of the Cup, I think under the auspices of Larry Ellison, it's probably been the most unfair ever, and I don't think he'll be a big loss to that community," Lester told Radio Sport's Mark Watson.

"What it will probably do is open the door for other Americans to come and challenge, which I think is exciting."

Reports have indicated that Richard DeVos, a co-founder of Amway and owner of the Orlando Magic NBA team, was set to challenge, potentially in association with the New York yacht club.

New York clubs first won the America's Cup in 1851, and held it for 132 years until finally being defeated by Alan Bond's Australia II in 1983.

There is also the possibility that there could be potential challengers from Chicago, or a new challenger from San Francisco if Ellison decides not to compete.

Lester believes that more American teams could be eager to enter without Ellison's involvement.

"Ellison was not that popular amongst the American sailing establishment. In my opinion he was threatening - if someone looked like they were going to be worthy opposition - as we saw with the challengers - he would threaten them."

Luna Rossa is currently the challenger of record for 2021, while there could be a potential challenger from Australia. Ben Ainslie Racing and possibly Artemis are also strong chances of challenging.