Friendly reminders help educate customers on transport system

What do they do to elderly people who forget to tag off while travelling free using an AT Hop Card and a Super Gold Card?
Kelvin Findlay, Auckland.

Each week "they", that is Auckland Transport staff, check to see who hasn't tagged off in the previous three weeks. If someone has failed to tag off they are sent a friendly reminder by email or phone. Each registered customer will get another reminder before any further action is taken.

Where does one go to request a clearway? On weekday mornings, Ladies Mile between Marua Rd and Morrin St is blocked by traffic turning right into Morrin St. It is possible for cars going straight to get past on the left, but not when there are cars parked on Ladies Mile. Could a morning clearway be installed here?
Declan Thompson, Ellerslie.

One goes to Auckland Transport. Applications to have parking restrictions changed, removed or added should be made in writing to:
Auckland Transport, Private Bag 92250, Auckland 1142.
Try to drum up support from fellow commuters, neighbours or other affected parties.


My housemates and I live on a narrow road in Ponsonby and one of our neighbours drives a large, noisy moving truck which he parks on the street overnight. The truck blocks half the road, makes exiting driveways unsafe, and wakes half the street up at 5.30am every day. It is always outside our home. Are there rules about noisy work vehicles in narrow residential streets? The family is too intimidating for us to approach them.
Ruth Halkett, Ponsonby.

Noise control is predominantly the responsibility of Auckland Council. Exceptions are when the noise emanates from moving vehicles including aircraft, trains, boats and cars (and, presumably, trucks). Complaints should go to the police or the NZ Transport Agency, or the Civil Aviation Authority for noisy aircraft.