An Auckland car inspector has been suspended from his job giving vehicles approval to drive on local roads after ongoing concerns about the quality of his work.

As a vehicle repair certifier Dale Barlass had been paid to certify whether cars that have either been imported into the country or damaged in accidents are up to standard for use on locals roads.

However his previous jobs and files will now be formally investigated by NZ Transport Agency "following consistent concerns about the quality of his work".

"A formal investigation will urgently look at whether we need to revoke any of the certifications Barlass has issued and whether we'll need to re-inspect any vehicles," NZTA's chief executive Fergus Gammie said.


"We can assure New Zealanders this work will be completed as quickly as possible, in order to give vehicle owners certainty."

Barlass is the third vehicle inspector so far to be suspended as part of the wider review by law firm Meredith Connell.

The action against him "comes as urgent work continues on 152 open compliance cases prioritised around risk to safety".

"We have acknowledged that our previous approach has been neither sufficiently robust nor swift enough to ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance in the past. Now we are putting it right," NZTA's Gammie said.

"New Zealanders can expect full accountability and an increased number of enforcement actions taken to ensure compliance. Today's announcement is in line with that undertaking."

NZTA suspended Barlass on the advice of Meredith Connell because of a series of upheld complaints.

As part of these complaints, Barlass admitted to failing to follow "vehicle standards requirements" when inspecting and certifying cars, not using manufacturers' repair processes and issuing certification to a car that was still damaged.