A fading TV personality has been granted permanent name suppression to protect his mental health after admitting two counts of drink driving.

The former star of the small screen appeared in Blenheim District Court yesterday for sentencing.

He was four times the legal limit when he ran over a man's leg on the banks of Taylor River on November 19, Stuff reported.

The court heard the driver recorded a blood test result of 204mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. The legal limit is 50mg.


He was caught drink driving a second time between Nelson and Blenheim on November 29. The court heard he was driving through unsealed roadworks with a 50km/h speed limit at Whangamoa on State Highway 6 when he lost control and slid into the path of an oncoming truck and trailer unit, crashing into a rope barrier.

The man and the truck driver were injured and were taken to Nelson Hospital. He later recorded a blood alcohol reading of 227mg, Stuff reported.

The man, who appeared regularly on New Zealand television until about 10 years ago, admitted the drink driving charges in January but had been remanded while he completed a residential rehabilitation course.

His lawyer Rob Harrison said he suffered from alcohol issues and depression after the "disintegration" of his life. His client had completed a rehab course, was now a recovering alcoholic at a "precarious point" and said a psychologist had warned that publishing his man's name could trigger him to start drinking again, Stuff reported.

Judge David Ruth told the court the man's depression had contributed to his offending.

The judge granted permanent name suppression, but told the man his actions could have resulted in someone being killed.

The man was convicted and sentenced to 12 months' intensive supervision, and ordered to do drug and alcohol counselling as directed by probation. He was also disqualified from driving for 15 months, and sentenced to 200 hours community work.