Are you a boomer struggling to understand the millennial in your life? Herald series, Who Wants To Be A Millennial? is here to help.

"That's lit. You slay. Throw some shade."

Millennial lingo is becoming increasingly complicated and a new mixed bag of sayings is making it hard for the oldies to keep up.

Don't worry, we're here to help with our new "game show", Who Wants To Be A Millennial?


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Watch as resident boomer (okay, he's actually only 48) Chris Reed, spins a wheel containing eight bits of millennial slang. When it stops, he'll try to work out what the word, or words, it stops on means.

If he gets stuck, which let's face it, he almost inevitably will, our resident Cool Young Person Sinead Corcoran will help him out.


Chris decided lit meant "illuminated". Sure, that makes perfect sense to a boomer.

But that's not the name of this game, is it?

Sinead set him straight on the millennial definition.

"It has two meanings," she explained.

"Lit can either mean you're super drunk, or that something is really great. I'm often both," she confessed before offering a phrase anyone, young or old, drunk or sober, might like to incorporate into their daily speak: "Too lit to quit."