A cheating husband told his wife he was having 'the best sex ever' with another woman on their first wedding anniversary - just months after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Julie Roberts, 47 and her ex-husband Pete Mansfield met on dating website Plenty of Fish in 2014.

They married a year and a half later in front of 50 family and friends.

But just six months after tying the knot Ms Roberts was diagnosed with skin cancer - and little did she know there would be more heart-breaking news to come.


The pair, both 47, had an argument, during which Ms Roberts claims her husband said "she deserved getting cancer", the Daily Mail reported.

A month after, instead of going on holiday together to celebrate their one-year anniversary, Ms Roberts went with her daughter, but sent a good-will email on the day.

She told The Sun: "Things weren't great between us but I thought we might be able to sort things out.

"While I was in Cyprus, I sent him an email wishing him a happy anniversary."

But she claims her husband responded: "Ha ha ha to you too because I've just celebrated by having some of the best sex I've ever had with my extremely sexy partner.

"Then I'm taking her out for a nice meal later with all this money I'm now earning!"

The 47-year-old carer told the newspaper: "It was the most heartless thing anyone has ever done to me.

"My confidence was in ruins.

"I was so upset the man I loved could be this horrible."

After the initial argument Mr Mansfield, a welder, had moved out of their home in Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

But his 'heartless' confession that he had been having an affair for four months was the last straw and she filed for divorce.

Ms Roberts said their first few months of marriage were perfect, but things started to change after her terrifying diagnosis.

She added: "I was distraught. Pete admitted he had cheated and had been having an affair since February, eight months after we married."

In a positive turn of events, Ms Roberts was given the all-clear from cancer two months ago and has found a new man - Andy, 28.

The pair are now engaged.

The new chapter in her love life has also been marked with a significant weight loss - dropping six stone from a size 22 to a 12.

She filed for divorce - and two months ago got the all-clear from her skin cancer.

The 47-year-old, who has two grown up children, told the newspaper: "Although Andy is younger than me he treats me with love and respect.

"I feel better than ever and I want women to know that even when they've truly hit rock bottom, life always gets better."

Mr Mansfield, who still lives in Swadlincote responded: "I fell out of love with Julie. I met someone else. Fell in love with someone else."

Do you know why she was diagnosed with cancer? Because she uses sunbeds and she is a sun worshipper.

"She loves being on the sunbeds, four to five times a week. We both used to go on them and then she got skin cancer.

"You smoke you get lung cancer, you take the risk.

"All I said was that I had no sympathy because to me it's self-inflicted."

He added: "I wasn't in love with her. I did give her the support I felt I could give her.

"I jumped into a relationship with her too soon and was peer-pressured into marrying her and I shouldn't have done it, end of.