Many of us have dabbled in R18 conversation with potential dates or partners.

Some have even had the balls to send explicit images of themselves to others.

But now Kiwis have opened up, revealing the horrors of sending nude images - with many revealing the consequences suffered from the risky act.

In a post to a Kiwi Facebook group, New Zealanders shared their experiences with one person revealing police had to get involved after a string of nude images led to online bullying.


"My ex made up a fake facebook profile of me and the profile picture was of me naked and sent to over 200 people lol including our CEO. I made a police report and they done nothing," the man wrote.

A number have suffered the consequences of sending nudes to the wrong person.

One woman wrote: "I posted one to my now ex and didn't realise it was posted on "my story" messenger until my friend text me telling me. He showed all our embarrassing!!!!!!"

Others revealed that some recipients of their nudes have held the images to use as blackmail, with men asking for sex or face the consequences of having their image spread on social media.

"One guy I sent my nude to turned nasty. Threatened to send my nudes to all my mates and his boys if I didn't fool around with him. Sucks when you're put in that position. I've never sent nudes since," one woman wrote.

Another horrifying confession was the man who revealed he accidentally sent a nude picture of himself to his own mother.

The man explained he was on Facebook messenger and had two chats up at the same time, one with his girlfriend and one with his mother.

"So... I did the unthinkable... I was sexting my girlfriend and thought I'd be a cheeky fella and send her a nude. But while I was busy taking photos my mum messaged me, and instead of sending the dick pic to my girlfriend I accidentally sent it to my mum!!!

"Omg, seriously, there is no coming back from that. I tried to say my mates had played a disgusting prank on me but we both know I just f**ked up big time. I couldn't look my mum in the eye for months. Even my girlfriend is embarrassed."

• Call NetSafe on 0508 638 723 or visit
• Tell people you trust. They will want to help you stop the bullying quickly and safely.
• Do not reply to the people bullying you.
• Save all bullying messages and images which can be used as evidence later.
• Block accounts sending bullying messages.
• Contact police if the abuser threatens harm.