This is hardly a recipe.

We grilled some sourdough bread on a ridged grill-plate until well coloured. Martin Bosley got told off for not toasting the slices enough.

The chopped mushrooms were cooked in a wonderfully huge amount of butter, salt and pepper, thyme, then splashed with verjuice.

I got told off for not sprigging the thyme, I threw the whole stalk in. This does work, though. As the dish cooks, the leaves fall off the sprig and you can remove the stalk later. Maggie confessed she is a "micro manager".


Once finished, the mushrooms were piled on to the bruschetta and fresh goats curd was crumbled over the top with lots of chopped parsley.

These were served on simple dark green tin plates.

You could substitute feta or a soft goats cheese for the curd.

Verjuice is made by pressing unripe grapes to produce an acidic seasoning. You could substitute a sharp white wine or a soft vinegar.