The base for this version comes from the Edmonds Cook Book, Revised Edition 1997.

Serves 4


Lay out 6 pieces of



2 Mix together a cup of soft breadcrumbs (you need to make them fresh, not toasted), ½ cup of chopped prunes, a finely diced small onion, lemon zest and salt and pepper.

3 Divide mix into six, place at one end of each schnitzel and then roll schnitzels up.

4 Toothpick along each roll to hold it together.

5 Brown the "olives" in oil.

6 Remove from the pan, cool a little and then cut each roll into 3 or 4 pieces. Place these in a casserole dish.

7 Place the frying pan back on the heat and stir in a tablespoon of flour. Cook for a minute.

8 Add a cup of beef stock, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and a teaspoon of tomato paste.

9 Whisk together, scraping up all the bits from the pan. Pour this over the beef olives and cook in a moderate oven for around 45 minutes.

Mashed potatoes are a great match for the rich sauce.