Television presenter Jason Reeves has settled a dispute over a text-bullying incident with his former radio employer CanWest, with the international media network unreservedly apologising.

Reeves, a co-host on TV One lifestyle show Headliners, filed a personal grievance case against CanWest about five months ago over a dispute about a series of anonymous text messages sent to Reeves by presenters Jay-Jay Feeney and Dominic Harvey from a pre-paid cellphone.

Described as an "impromptu prank" in a joint statement issued by the parties following the mediation, it is understood Feeney and Harvey sent up to 100 texts a day over a 10-day period, pretending to be an anonymous fan of Reeves who had gotten hold of his cellphone number.

The content of the texts is understood to have been fairly innocuous. But it caused Reeves an increasing amount of anxiety and eventually forced his girlfriend Tanya Pouwhare to move out of her house, a source close to both the parties said.

Despite knowing about the prank, station management failed to tell Reeves about it, before he found out from a co-worker that it was Feeney and Harvey who were sending the texts.

Both parties acknowledged the prank had "a detrimental and unforeseen effect" on Reeves and Ms Pouwhare.

Reeves' employment on the Morning Madhouse breakfast show, known for its lighthearted stunts and pranks, was terminated in November last year and he laid a personal grievance case, alleging, among other things, unjustified dismissal soon afterwards.

It is understood there was compensation.