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Step inside a child bride's world in our ground-breaking virtual reality film.

Not for Sale: Ending Exploitation of Girls

Step inside a child bride's world
Journey with two girls in Nepal as they reflect on a lost childhood in this immersive virtual reality film, and see first-hand the impact of child marriage and child labour on young girls in Asia.


Child marriage, child labour, and trafficking are some of the biggest issues facing girls in Asia. One in nine girls will marry before they turn 15, and millions of children are being trafficked into sex exploitation and forced to work each year.

World Vision works with communities in Asia to protect girls from exploitation and ensures those who are harmed have the care they need to recover.

We advocate for an end to violence and exploitation of girls; hold those responsible to account; and work with survivors to amplify their stories and voices to raise awareness.

Watch the virtual reality film directed by Gabo Arora and Fifer Garbesi below:

You will need a VR viewer to explore the surroundings. Select VR mode then insert your phone into the viewer. You can also view the film in 360 degree without a viewer. Scroll down to apply for a VR viewer.