Variety needs your help today to save hundreds of vulnerable Kiwi kids from silently suffering through another cold, harsh winter.

Right now, we have over 400 disadvantaged New Zealand children on our emergency waiting list for vital winter essentials.

They urgently need basics like warm clothing, proper beds, bedding and help with medical costs.

We know that many of the children are sharing a bed with siblings – or sleeping on a chair or the floor. They're walking to school in the rain, without a waterproof jacket or proper winter shoes.


When they get sick, they're not going to the doctor or getting the medicine they need, because the family can't afford the transport or prescription costs.

And it's now, during the coldest months, when they are most vulnerable to illness.

Will you give today? Your donation, no matter how small or large, will make a life-changing difference for a child in need.

About Variety – the Children's Charity
Every day more than 1 in 4 Kiwi kids go without the basics most of us take for granted. This has a profound impact on their health, education and self-esteem.

Thanks to our generous supporters, Variety is changing this one child at a time. With your help, when an individual child is going without essentials, we give them exactly what they need – like warm bedding, clothing, school uniforms and stationery.

When a boy or girl is missing out on extra-curricular opportunities, we give them the chance to join in – and when they require an extra hand, we provide funding for additional needs, like medical or mobility equipment.

We know that not all kids need the same things. That's our difference at Variety. We give each kid what they need for a happier, healthier childhood – the childhood that every Kiwi kid deserves.