Leadership acts as the catalyst that makes all other elements work together; without leadership, all other business resources lie dormant. Leaders are invaluable when it comes to formulating and communicating new strategic directions, as well as communicating with and motivating employees to increase dedication to organisational goals.

The benefits of an effective leader are indisputable, an expert in leadership Warren Bennis said, "A business short on capital can borrow money and one with poor location can move, but a business short on leadership has little chance of survival".

Effective leaders exhibit different styles of leadership, and these styles of leadership can bring out the best in different businesses and workforces.

PwC Herald Talks are back! Join us at our breakfast series event on Wednesday 5th April at SKYCITY THEATRE, as our keynote speaker Daniel Flynn, and expert panel discuss how effective leadership can empower your people, transform your business and grow your profits.


Tickets are available now from iTicket.co.nz for $89 (includes barista coffee and breakfast).