How do you build value through values?

Genuine conscious leadership, mindful management, well thought-out strategies and initiatives will build your competitive value. Being a conscious business is now a source of talent attraction, employee engagement and retention, and customer decision making.

By engaging in more conscious strategies your business creates a common purpose and positive relationship between employees, suppliers, customers and communities. The flow on effects of this provide your business with a strategic and competitive advantage. It's about focussing on more than just financial profit, and runs deeper than putting aside a pool of money to donate to charities; it's your impact on New Zealand as a whole by considering both short-term and long-term effects of your actions or inactions.

A conscious business chooses to be of benefit to the country & seeks to promote the pursuit of valuable collaboration to all its stakeholders; it produces sustainable outcomes for the eqnvironment and its community and creates sold values and mission statements that look at the bigger picture of their business footprint.


Join us on Wednesday, 16th November at SKYCITY THEATRE to hear from our keynote speaker, John Elliott, along with our expert panel. Find out ways to embrace conscious strategies and make your business stronger.

Tickets are available now from for $89 (Includes barista coffee and breakfast).