Conflicts between generations are a headache for many New Zealand businesses. This results in a loss of productivity, damage to company culture, excessive resource allocation, all impacting your bottom line. Despite the prevalence of such conflict, many organisations fail to have a programme or strategy in place to adapt and manage intergenerational relationships within the workforce. Today's workplace is multi-generational i.e., baby boomers, millennials, generation X/Y/ Z. Each generation has its own set of expectations, needs, values and working styles. While generational diversity in the workforce promotes a broader range of talent, it can often mean conflicting ideas and stereotyping. Recognising and understanding generational differences is integral to building a productive and effective team.

Join us on Wednesday, 14th September at SKYCITY THEATRE to hear from our keynote speaker, Derek Handley, along with our expert panel. Find out ways to embrace generational diversity and make your business stronger.

Tickets are available now from for $89 (Includes barista coffee and breakfast).