From his headline-making discovery of the former London schoolgirl in a refugee camp to his photograph of a boy horrifically burnt by Turkish bombs, via reports from inside the prisons holding Isis suspects – this

Qamishli, Syria, February 2, 2019


Baghouz, Syria, February 5


Hasakah, Syria, February 10

Al-Hawl camp, Syria, February 13

Qamishli, Syria, February 14

United Kingdom, March 8

Baghouz, Syria, March 26

Al-Roj camp, Syria, March 30

London, United Kingdom, June 19

Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom, September 4

Hasakah Prison, Syria, September 29

Ramilan, Syria, October 1

Qamishli, Syria, October 16

Tal Tamr field hospital, Syria, October 17

Tal Tamr field hospital, Syria, October 18

Qamishli, Syria, October 19

Ramilan, Syria, October 20

Tell Brak, Syria, October 21

Al-Hawl camp, Syria, October 22

Al-Roj camp, Syria, October 23