Mass shootings keep happening. There are more even more than you realise. This summer in the US alone, 26 mass shootings left 126 people dead.

Mass shootings this summer came one after the next, sometimes only hours apart, and hurled the United States into an agonising routine: a sudden burst of violence followed by solemn mourning and pleas for change, and then another burst, somewhere else.

There were ones that rattled the whole country — in an El Paso, Texas, Walmart, on the streets of Dayton, Ohio, along a highway near Odessa, Texas. But there were still others, eruptions that


An office shooting reveals the risks from within


A swift police response, and still nine killed

Many killings happened at home, behind closed doors

In at least one shooting, bigotry as motive

An inordinate amount of violence, by any metric

Every suspect male, and no case unsolved

Children among the victims in 11 shootings

In other mass shootings, no known motives

A relentless cycle of the most vicious sort