The Green Party has selected businesswoman and e-mobility exponent Darleen Tana Hoff-Nielsen as its candidate for the Northland electorate in September's general election.

Born and raised in Northland, Tana Hoff-Nielsen returned in 2014 after an OE lasting 17 years in Brussels, Belgium, where she worked in corporate telecommunications. Since returning, she and her husband have worked to build their specialist e-mobility company from scratch.

"People said we were crazy and that there was no business in biking. While the 'how' got tough at times, we remained focused on the outcomes that we wanted to achieve. We set out on purpose to bring another (better) future forward "

"I'm standing in this election for the Green Party because they are the only party that shares that same boldness of attitude to do something new, innovative and bring a better future forward for all people in New Zealand.


"I emphasise all people in New Zealand. Because communities where only 'some', or even stopping at 'most,' getting to live in a warm home or have good kai to eat is not good enough".

She said the Covid-19 pandemic exposed the cracks in NZ's economic and welfare systems.

''But it also showed us how much we can achieve when we all work together. By thinking ahead and acting now, we can reset our relationships with each other and with our environment,'' she said.

''This campaign is an opportunity to demonstrate some of the ways that Northlanders are resetting their worlds. I'm looking forward to rolling out on my cargo bike, meeting Northlanders, and working to ensure that their needs are heard in Parliament."

She said the party's policies mean that everyone in our 'team of five million' deserves a warm bed to slink into with a full belly at the end of every day; that our babies can breathe fresh air and pop a manu into any river, lake, or moana because it is clean; that our communities rock because they learn from each other and share not just their diversity of culture, but diversity also of matauranga and talent; and that we accept, times are tough and they might well get tougher - but we must and can bring that better future forward.