Bill English

Look, okay, there's 100 days before the election, so I leapt out of bed and I rolled up my sleeves and pulled up my socks, and Mary said, "Are you going to make breakfast?"

I said to her, "Well, you'll just have to wait and see."

Look, what I can say is that I'm getting a lot of energy and positive feedback from the public, and I'm leading a team that is running seamlessly from where it was under the previous prime minister, and the proof is in the pudding.

Mary said, "You're going to make pudding for breakfast?"


I said to her, "Well, you'll just have to wait and see."

Look, there's a number of tools that enable New Zealanders to share the benefits of the growth we've been enjoying, and it's a matter of choosing those tools, and being open to some fresh thinking, but at the same time as being aware that there's always risks with every meal.

Mary said, "How about some cereal?"

I said to her, "Well, you'll just have to wait and see."

Look, no one should anticipate any drastic change, and I want to reassure everyone that we'll continue to benefit from the stability we've had these past seven or eight years, but sometimes it's necessary to introduce new ways of thinking, although that depends a bit on how the situation unfolds and whether it's still actually breakfast.

I heard the door slam.

Look, they say when one door closes, another opens, so I think I'll just stand stock-still in the hallway, and wait and see.

Andrew Little

So, 100 days before the election, and the Labour Party is ready to go out there and talk about what a Labour government can do for people, such as making it easier for first home buyers to get their first home, reducing immigration numbers, and seeing what we can do to address mental health issues, but right now reports are coming through that someone somewhere has gone rogue.

So, I'm not actually worried about that because Labour is a broad church, we're spirited, we're lively, we're not afraid to have opinions, but right now reports are coming through that what appears to be happening is that someone has a got hold of an axe and is coming straight towards me.

So, these things are just part and parcel of a robust political process, nothing to be alarmed about, and certainly nothing that should divert anyone's attention, and OH DEAR GOD.

Winston Peters

Now, while it may well be the case that there are 100 days to go before the election I would like the chance, if I may, please don't interrupt, can I just point out that neither myself or anybody in my organisation and in my caucus is going to tolerate any speculation about whether or not New Zealand First will play a role in forming the next government.

We are focused utterly on maximising our vote in a three-way fight on the 23rd of September this year.

If anyone wants to ask me whether I am giving a second's thought to whether New Zealand First will act as a kingmaker, then I will have no choice but to fossick around my basement and find that sign I used to hold up. The one that said NO.

Gareth Morgan

There are 100 days to go to the next election and damned if I'm going to waste any time accepting a challenge from a journalist called Steve Braunias to play a game of table tennis.

I have my own stupid stunts to attend to.