Judith Collins has resigned, effective immediately.

Her resignation was for her ministerial roles, but she will continue to be the MP for Papakura and stand in this election.

Here is a timeline of her career so far:


: Elected to Parliament representing East Auckland seat of Clevedon.


2008: Elected MP for Papakura following electorate boundary changes.

National becomes the government and Collins becomes Minister of Police, Corrections and Veterans' Affairs.


: Collins announces 600 extra frontline police and introduces legislation to crush the cars of boy racers.

2009: Oversees a nationwide rollout of tasers.

2010: Re-introduced private management into the prison system.

2011: Stubbs out smoking in prisons.

2011: A significant privacy breach occurs at the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) following the accidental release of 6700 claimants details to claimant Bronwyn Pullar.


2011: Rises to fifth-ranked MP becoming the most powerful woman in Parliament.

Appointed Minister of Justice, Accident Compensation Corporation and Ethnic Affairs.

December 2012: Pans report by retired Canadian Supreme Court Judge Ian Binnie who backed compensation for David Bain. Leads to High Court action by Bain camp seeking a review of Collins' actions.

2013: Engages in twitter spat with Labour leader David Cunliffe after he calls her a trout.

March 2014: Accused of a conflict of interest after an overseas trip where she endorses milk produced by Oravida of which her husband is a director. Calls for her resgination but she escapes with apology.

August 2014: Dirty Politics released revealing Collins had passed private information about a public servant on to right-wing blogger Cameron Slater. Prime Minister places Collins on notice.

2014: Resigns from Cabinet today following email leaks alleging she had undermined the head of the Serious Fraud Office.