Rodney Local Board member Beth Houlbrooke has leapfrogged her way to number four on the Act Party list - though she would not become an MP unless the party won 4 per cent of the party vote as well as an electorate seat.

Meanwhile Epsom candidate David Seymour, seen as the only hope of the party getting back into Parliament, has removed himself from the list to concentrate on winning the seat.

Act revealed its party list today, with leader Jamie Whyte and deputy leader Kenneth Wang at the top two spots.

Number three is Robin Grieve, an avocado orchardist, who won 596 votes in Whangarei in 2011 and was number 15 on the 2011 list.


Beth Houlbrooke was not on the list last election, but stood in Rodney and collected just 204 votes.

Mrs Houlbrooke is a retired business woman and elected member of the Rodney Local Board.

Former Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson rounds out the top five.

On current polling, Act would only be represented in Parliament after the election if David Seymour won the seat of Epsom.

Act Party president John Thompson said if Mr Seymour won Epsom, a vote for Act would not be wasted.

"And in an election that could be decided by just a couple of MPs, Act could be the difference between a National or Labour-led Government - just as we were in 2011."

1. Dr Jamie Whyte

2. Kenneth Wang

3. Robin Grieve

4. Beth Houlbrooke

5. Don Nicolson

6. Stephen Berry

7. Dasha Kovalenko

8. Gareth Veale

9. Ian Cummings

10. Sara Muti

11. Toni Severin

12. Max Whitehead

13. Phelan Pirrie

14. Stephen Fletcher

15. David Olsen

16. Nick Kearney

17. Sean Fitzpatrick

18. Richard Evans

19. Michael Milne

20. Dr Ron Smith