Labour leader Phil Goff has created a Top 10 list of apparent Government shortcomings, asking Prime Minister John Key to explain them

Speaking at a Rail and Maritime Transport Union meeting in Wellington this morning, Mr Goff said many had voted for Mr Key personally rather than for National in the last election, banking on the fact that his own financial success could translate to the country.

However, Mr Goff said the failings of the Government over the last three years were obvious and the numbers spoke for themselves.

He listed a Top 10 of statistics to make his point.


They included an unemployment increase of 50 per cent, 100,000 people moving across the Tasman, and the increased wage gap with Australia - now at $32 a week.

Mr Goff also made much of the country's credit downgrade by two international agencies.

Despite the list of Mr Key's failings, Mr Goff denied that he was attacking Mr Key.

"This is not about John Key the person.''

Rather, it was about the Prime Minister's record in leading the country and his failure to deliver the "brighter future'' he had promised.