Billionaire Owen Glenn says he would be happy to assist in mediating between New Zealand and Fiji, but New Zealand first needs to change its "holier than thou" attitude.

Mr Glenn - who owns a villa on the island of Malolo Lailai - told the Herald it would be up to the Government if he took any part, and would depend on the mandate he had.

"It's pointless wasting the commodore's time. My opinion, if I have one, is to talk to him, find out what he's trying to achieve and why, and put aside the fact it is not a democratically elected Government.

"Neither is China, but you don't see New Zealand breaking off its relationships with China. Holier than thou on Fiji, but it's quite happy to trade when it makes sense."

Prime Minister John Key said he had not heard Mr Glenn's name mentioned regarding Fiji and the Government had not considered using him.

Mr Glenn said some in Fiji had mentioned his name as a broker, which had surprised him. He has gained some profile for his philanthropy in Fiji, including being awarded the chiefly title of Ratu by the village of Solevu.

Mr Glenn said he had never met Commodore Frank Bainimarama and had no direct involvement in politics. But he said it was probably time to try a different approach.