Adrenaline rushes through my veins as I leap from the tallest tower in New York City. I plummet rapidly and then, at the very last minute, swing to a nearby building. How? Well, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

This is just one of the many things Insomniac Games absolutely nails in their new Marvel's Spider-Man game.

The web-swinging, the combat, the Spidey-suits, the narrative and even the city itself all come together to create an epic action-adventure that will cure you of Marvel fatigue.

Spider-Man's story is not only bold and exciting, it's brilliantly paced, knowing exactly when to load on the pressure or give the player a breather. Darker moments are perfectly balanced out with humour and quick-witted quips. Cut scenes can be relatively lengthy at times but very enjoyable, and transition well back into gameplay.


And playing is so much fun - additively so. Gliding and zipping all around the open-world of Manhattan never gets old thanks to the numerous side missions and mini games. It's easy to get joyously lost collecting backpacks, snapping New York's spectacular landmarks, revelling in perfect little nods to the wider Marvel Universe, or taking down bad guy bases.

Speaking of bad guys, what would a superhero be without their nemeses? And let's just say Spidey has quite a few. Crime lords, street thugs and full blown supervillains put up a challenging fight as you dish out an ever growing amount of clever combos.

It takes a little practise to get the moves down, rather than resorting to button mashing, but learning how to optimise your gadgets and figure our your favourite attacks is so worth it. Sneaking stealthily to take out enemies can be just as enjoyable as charging into a battle head on. What's more, each amazing looking Spidey suit you unlock has its own special power to unleash on foes.

Marvel's Spider-Man is an A+ game with hours of seemingly endless gameplay that fans will be truly thrilled by. In fact, it will be hard to put the controller down.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Platform: Playstation 4
Rating: M
Release date: Friday 7 September.
Verdict: Get ready for Spider-Man to become your new favourite superhero.