Sally Ridge is seeking "urgent'' civil court action against her ex-partner Adam Parore, her lawyer says.

Ms Ridge has initiated an attempt to freeze the ex-Black Caps player's assets, according to the proceedings list for the High Court at Auckland.

At the High Court today, Ms Ridge's lawyer Daniel Grove told the court he had filed a notice protesting jurisdiction on behalf of his client. While the notice was being dealt with, his client was seeking urgent "interlocutory relief'' from her ex-partner, he said.

Parore opposes the proceedings, and his lawyer Zane Kennedy has filed a memorandum with the court outlining the objection.


The couple have two children together, but ended their nine-year relationship in 2010. Last October, Ms Ridge's shareholdings in several of her ex-partner's companies were withdrawn.

The pair were also the sole directors of James and August, an underwear and sleepwear company which went into liquidation in May 2010.

In court today, Mr Grove drew attention to an affadavit by his client "setting out what she says is urgent circumstances.'' He said the affadavit was the only evidence filed with the court so far.

Justice Murray Gilbert agreed the case "does need to be dealt with promptly,'' but said the matter would not be heard today.

Both legal sides have been given dates to file the necessary applications and submissions for the case, with the final deadline falling on Monday for opposition submissions.

A half-day hearing to deal with the matter is being scheduled with court staff.

Neither Ms Ridge nor Mr Parore attended the court, and both lawyers declined to comment on the case.