Fonterra chief executive Theo Spierings was paid $8.32 million in 2017 - an annual increase of 78.5 per cent.

That pay equates to $160,000 per week. Here's five things you could buy with just seven days of his remuneration.

A new Audi A7 Sport

With just a week of that pay, you could head into a car dealership and pick up a brand new Audi A7 Sport for $159,900. If you're feeling environmentally conscious, you could also pick up a Tesla Model S for $139,294 with some change left over.

A home (in Invercargill)

You could buy a two-bedroom home in Invercargill for $149,000, leaving you with a neat $11,000 for the renovations. If Southland's not your vibe, there are plenty of options in Tokoroa and Whanganui.


A private island

You're not going to a tropical paradise on this paycheck, but you could buy an cold uninhabited island in Europe for under $160,000. A quick search turned up Crehan Island for an asking price of roughly $158,000. The small piece of land in Ireland is . . . not without its charm. Otherwise, an island on the cold Norwegian skerry coast is going for a similar price.

A yacht

If you wait a week after buying your island you could sail there on your very own yacht.This one could be yours for $159,000.

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