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The visualisation was originally commissioned by the New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services(NZCCSS) - this has no impact on the data or on how it's visualised.

The data in this visualisation comes from MSD's Household Incomes in New Zealand report, published in July 2014 (see below). This report is New Zealand's most important source of data on inequality, hardship and poverty. Crucially, it produces data for after-tax incomes and then adjusts them for household size to provide a true picture of people's disposable income, and therefore their standard of living.

The visualisation uses data from the report to estimate how much better or worse off people in different deciles would be if income growth had been evenly distributed across the period measured in the report.


The project was a collaboration by data journalist Keith Ng, journalist Max Rashbrooke and Matthew Bartlett from the NZ Council of Christian Social Services.

Privacy: New Zealand Herald is not collecting any data that readers enter as part of the interactive visualisation.

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MSD's Household Incomes in New Zealand Report July 2014 (The key findings highlighted)

MSD's Household Incomes in New Zealand Report July 2014 (The full report)