Despite warnings of protesting and violence, the controversial Lundy Three Hundy has gotten off to a quiet start.

Only three teams turned up to enter the 300km race which traces the same route police say Mark Lundy drove on the night his wife and daughter were murdered.

The vehicles stopped for a photo outside the Lundy's ex-residence on Karamea Crescent before beginning the race at approximately 12.40pm.

Race organiser Nic Miller, 29, said he had originally expected a dozen contestants to show but was still happy to go ahead.


"It's not about the case really; it's about trying to take the heat off Mark because he probably didn't do it."

Miller said he had decided to run the event because Lundy rhymed with hundy.

"To be honest that's why I did it - Mark probably didn't do it because he couldn't have driven that distance in that time."

It was now a decade ago and people needed to move on, he added.

"All I care about is that people have turned this into something it's not; people are going to get offended at everything.

"I wanted to try and make it so Mark gets a fair trial."

The teams have been given six challenges at different stops on the way, all in reference to the Mark Lundy.

"It's a bit of fun - it's not like we're killing anyone," said Hugo Black, driver for Team Castle Crew. His three team-mates joined him in wearing 'Bain' jerseys, stating they had only entered after seeing the event 'hyped up' in the media.

"It's all in the name of science - it's a good experiment to see whether or not you can actually make this time."

- Manawatu Guardian