photographer Brett Phibbs has been recognised by Newsweek in their annual 'most iconic photos' section.

Phibbs photographed two boys in Fiji waiting in a bus stop after the Cyclone Winston.

The simple shelter has a large tree atop it, lying where it landed after the cyclone snapped it off at the trunk.


Phibbs spent a week in Fiji following Cyclone Winston, covering the disaster for the Herald.

New Zealand Herald photograph by Brett Phibbs.
New Zealand Herald photograph by Brett Phibbs.

His photograph is among 24 photographs selected from 2016 by Newsweek staff.

"We've assembled some of the most iconic photography taken this year, and while not exhaustive, it is difficult to forget how difficult recent months have been for so many," the publication said.

Other photographs featured include shots of US President-elect Donald Trump on the campaign trail, police investigating the murder of British MP Jo Cox who was stabbed to death, the aftermath of fatal shootings in Orlando and Dallas and the turmoil in Syria, Turkey and Greece.