Q: My wife and I have both recently retired, aged 70. We are both healthy and consider ourselves extremely fortunate. We are mortgage-free and intend to remain in our home until we die. We also own a seaside cottage worth about $400,000. We intend to divide our home into two flats, live in the larger one and let the other.

I have about $700,000 in a work-subsidised superannuation scheme. Because of my concerns about a possible financial downturn, it has been invested in the conservative (cash) option since 2015, and consequently we have not benefited from the rising market values in recent years, but also have not lost value with the recent downturn.

I see this downturn as an opportunity to invest wisely when prices are low, and increase the value of our nest-egg for the years ahead. How should we manage our superannuation funds wisely?

A: As I've said before, buying shares now that the market has fallen is better than selling now. But to do "contrarian investing", well, you have to get lucky with your timing.

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